World Record Eco Banner for Greenpeace

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Large Eco Banner for Greenpeace

In April 2010, Justin Murray collaborated with Avaaz (an international civic organisation), Greenpeace International and world renowned 3D street artist, Kurt Wenner in order to create the world’s largest Eco Banner and anamorphic art image. This innovative project was launched as a part of a Greenpeace campaign and Citizen’s Charter.

Eco Banner

This single image broke 2 world records, one for the largest anamorphic image of its kind drawn by a single person and the 2nd for the largest image ever printed on an eco-friendly canvas.
In the months leading up to this project, Avaaz worked in conjunction with Greenpeace to begin collecting signatures for the first ever EU-wide Citizens’ Initiative calling for a moratorium on genetically modified crops (until safety testing has been improved), expressly directed at the European Commission. This particular petition is the first of its kind to be presented as a “Citizen’s Initiative” – a principle enshrined in the EU Lisbon Treaty dating back to December 2009, allowing one million European citizens to formally request that the Commission take legislative steps to address their demands.

Kurt Wenner the renowned street artist

Kurt Wenner produced sizeable artwork for this project, measuring 22 meters by 22 meters, believed to be the largest of its kind in the world. Each section was individually printed onto a specially sourced eco-friendly substrate by the team at Project Print Management and bonded together before being delivered to Brussels.
Project Print Management Director, Justin Murray, was quoted as saying, “we’ve had a lot of experience producing large scale projects before, such as when we wrapped the Monument in London for its restoration. This took on a whole new dimension – not only having to coordinate between a client in Europe, an artist in America and our team situated just outside London, but also making sure that we adhered to the environmentally friendly requirements that Greenpeace specified from the outset. We delivered the end product on time, because we relish a challenge.” Murray went on to say, “it’s been a great privilege for Project Print Management to have been involved in such a high profile and ground breaking initiative. As a company we’re always looking to build on our achievements, and this is another example that we can add to our long list of successes.”

Eco Banner breaks world record

The world record breaking banner was unveiled to the European Commission in Brussels on the 9th of December 2010, as part of the first ever Citizens’ Charter against genetically modified crops. It has been lauded internationally for its design, size and message.

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