Digitally Printed Building Wrap on City Hall, Canada

Big Print our friends over in Calgary, Canada, was awarded the task of producing a digitally printed building wrap. This was to contain the Historic City Hall while it went under an extensive $34.1 million renovation over the next three years.

Digitally Printed Building Wrap

The historic City Hall is now surrounded by Digitally Printed Building Wrap

The historic City Hall is now surrounded by scaffolding, and a Printed Building Wrap which is a protective enclosure that wraps the perimeter of the building. The building wrap will be in place until early 2020 while the restoration of the City Hall is underway. As high as over 35 meters on the clock tower and 46 meters wide on each side. The Printed Building Wrap is heavy duty and helps to protect the sandstone, the exposed building components and the workers from the weather all year round.

Digitally Printed Building Wrap
Digitally Printed Building Wrap

The Production of the Digitally Printed Building Wrap

The material used was AGFA Duratex 510 gsm scrim Pole Banner and was digitally printed on the Fuji 3 meter Uvistar PRO8W, Big Print engineered the pocket system on the reverse to hold 38mm Aluminium ­at bar that was welded in on to all edges, each side of the building was fabricated in at least 3 sections so 3.19 meters material was welded into panels of approx. 19.8 meters x 15.2 meters using a crew of 10, Big Print installed over 3250 m2. of material in a 4 week period to the custom built scaffold construction using ratchet straps. Using 50m high cranes and winches, 2000 ratchet straps, 915 liner meters of aluminium bar this was one epic project!

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