Digital print characteristics and innovative technologies

With the advancement in technology, digital print surpassed the old traditional methods of printing. Files could be sent directly to the digital printing press for printing on fabric, paper, and other substrates. It is a popular printing method these days for all types of corporations whether small or large. It proved to be more economical for the production.

Digital Print

Differs from traditional printing methods

The technology in digital production is evolving day by day by enhancing the quality continuously. It differs from traditional printing methods like offset printing which involves the usage of printing plates. It prints the image on the media substrate directly without requiring any metal plates. Digital printing provides many additional advantages discussed below.

Advantages of digital print

Reduction in costs. One of the major advantages that could be derived from digital printing is the reduction in printing costs. The reason behind the less cost is that it requires no offset fee. As offset printing requires metal plates and set up fees that become cost-intensive for the corporations. It increasingly helped in the marketing materials of the businesses like brochures or flyers etc.

Greater Speed. Prints could be produced faster with the help of a simplified method of digital printing. As it does not require the setup process so you can order your prints and get the delivery on the same day

Superior Quality. Although digital printing provides a greater speed it does not affect the quality of the print. you can control the shades or hues as per your choice. Digital printing keeps the consistent print quality from the first print to the last one.

Print flexibility

Small and large scale businesses need to test their product around various markets. Their need is fulfilled with the help of short-run digital printing. Personalisation is needed to make Company’s products adaptive to their respective targeted markets. Digital printing makes personalisation possible and more feasible for corporations.

Print on demand

A process that involves electronic printing that delivers according to the customer’s wants is called print on demand. It is a complete process that involves idea generation, printing, and distribution of the information to the end-users.


Digital printing makes it possible to print a book within a few minutes without jeopardizing its quality. It provides economical printing of short runs but it is not restricted to the short runs only. It is also well suited for long runs.

Variable data printing

Variable data printing includes four colour digital printing systems that can reproduce variable content like graphics or text at reasonable production speed. It has the potential of offering the highest added value along with the requirement of changing the production chain.

Digital print at Project Print Management

We provide the design and installation of digitally printed hoardings for building and construction sites. We understand the importance of designing an innovative printed hoarding that can serve the purpose of attracting the targeted audience. To make your hoarding stand out we use 3-dimensional optical illusion, we include interactive screens with motion sensors to make your hoarding easy to remember. We can make the hoarding as long as you require.

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