Designer hoarding is a high quality building site hoarding.

Designer Hoarding

Designer hoarding is a high quality building site hoarding used when shops or retail outlet is being refurbished or under construction.

This designer hoarding we produced for a well known Italian fashion brand on Sloane Street, London. We produced this hoarding using a high quality aluminium composite board (ACM) also known by the brand name, Dibond. Self adhesive cut vinyl lettering was then applied to the hoarding face. Using a quality aluminium composite board (ACM / Dibond)  makes a big difference as the face of the aluminum board has a better higher gloss  and deeper black’s giving it an almost mirror finish.

Hoardings can also be digitally printed with an anti-graffiti overlaminate to give the print better protection. Brands and developers are always trying to push the creative boundary by coming up with inventive and innovative hoarding designs.  Project Print Management can also install a living wall to give the hoarding that environmental and green feel. Other more interactive technologies can also be used like LED screens,  and spotlight sound. Spotlight sound is a very directional sound from specialist speaker which can be triggered from a motion  sensor. Great for catching passers by with product information or promotional offers.

Designer hoardings are used for high end retail outlets

Site hoardings are needed to keep the pubic safe whilst work is being undertaken in the shop or retail outlet. They are also a great area to advertising on and often used as part of a wider marketing campaign.  In some places mainly conservation areas there are restrictions on the use of advertising hoardings so check with the local planning authority before proceeding with the designer hoarding.

Project Print Management specialised in advertising or creative hoardings and the more challenging print project. For more information please visit our blog or contact us.

Designer hoardings