Another Decorative Scaffolding Wrap from the Building Wrap Specialist.

Another fantastic and effective decorative scaffolding wrap from the building wrap specialist Project Print Management.

Decorative wrap on scaffolding

This decorative scaffold wrap we produce for The Mansion at Leatherhead in Surrey covering the entirety of the main rear of the building. The print was a replica image 1.1 scale, depict the detail of the building behind. This decorative scaffolding wrap was installed to hide the scaffolding structure whilst the building is having the roof renovated which will take nine months.  The Grade 2 listed building is Leatherhead’s Register Office and public Library. As weddings and civil partnerships are performed at The Mansion, ensuring the building is keep as attractive as possible is important to the venue and to the wedding parties.

An added challenge was to work around the tree which has a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on. The scaffold contractor installed the sub-frame to our specifications which had to take in consideration the important tree.

Decorative scaffold wraps scaffolding wrap Building wraps

The decorative scaffolding wraps cover the construction work.

Measuring 10 meters high x 27 meters wide was digitally printed on a superwide printed. The material was a PVC mesh which was then wrapped around the scaffolding sub-frame by our specialist installation team.

The photography was taken using a Sony ultra-high resolution digital camera. The photo was then artworked to get the colour, scale and perspectives correct. This is all very important to ensure the building is replicated accurately and to make as life like as possible. If incorrect the effect of the decorative scaffold wrap is lost and look out of place. Items like bins, benches, signs and satellite dishes we artwork out of the design as they alway tend to look out of place.

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