Decorative Hoarding Concealing Pavilion Renovation Work

Another decorative hoarding disguising the renovation work on a pavilion in the Theobalds Estate, Enfield.

Decorative hoarding

This is a great piece of work demonstrating how effective our decorative hoarding can be at concealing construction or building work. Hoardings are a legal requirement for any building work to keep the public and site safe and secure.

But construction site hoardings do not have to be an eyesore. Print a Decorative Hoarding!

We can design and installed decorative hoarding for less than you think. As you can see from the client’s photo the pavilion was in disrepair and urgently needed renovating. We took photos using a high resolution camera and then tidied the image up to using Photoshop software. Artworking the photo is the most important part which ensures the decorative hoarding is going to give a lifelike representation of the building. We also have to check the scale and colouring is correct. Making the decorative hoarding life like is the most important element of the project and going that extra mile makes a big difference. The Photographing, design / artworking cost can be as much as £400 to £500 and is charged on an hourly rate of £75.  It’s very difficult to give an exact on the design element as clients pay for time not the final design. This is basically because design is so subjective and at what point is a design complete.

Decorative hoarding

Hoarding print

For more information on Decorate hoarding please contact us or visit our blog for our latest work.

Theobalds House (also known as Theobalds Palace), located in Cedars Park in the parish Cheshunt in the English county of Hertfordshire, was a significant stately home and (later) royal palace of the 16th and early 17th centuries, before being demolished as a result of the English Civil War.

Rebuilt in the Georgian era, it is now a hotel and conference venue known as Theobalds Park, and is a Grade II* listed building.