Creative Construction Site Hoardings

Knowles Basement Construction commissioned this Creative site hoarding. They are well-known for their creative flare and forward thinking which is why they approached us to design them the more unusual builder site hoardings which fitted in with their creative views.

Creative site hoarding are a great way to get noticed

Creative site hoarding
Creative site hoarding

As you can see the final results were fantastic, which really catches the eye of the passer-by and also enhances the local area by hiding the usually cumbersome but necessary site hoarding which is there to protect the public from the building site.

Builders hoardings are also a great opportunity to use this large space as advertising for the building project, which does not usually need planning permission.

The local community will also appreciate disguising the building site which is always an eye saw and very disruptive. So designing an ascetic building hoarding in keeping with the environment will go a long way in placating the locals.

This hoarding was digitally printed directly onto the aluminium composite board and then fixed onto the existing hoarding structure. The installation took 3 hours.

If you want more information on creative site hoarding please contact Project Print management or visit our blog