Cost of Printed Building Hoardings?

Cost Printed Building Site Hoardings

Cost of Printed Building Hoardings are becoming a valuable marketing and advertising tool and costs less than you think.

With so many different advertising mediums it’s hard to choose which advertising/marketing method is going to suit you building development. Advertising on construction site hoardings is very cost-effective versus other marketing mediums. The main reason is because the advertising space is free! All that has to be paid for is the design and production of the printed hoarding.

The duration of the advertising hoarding is also a big benefit as the building site hoarding can be up for many months if not years in some cases of a large developments.

The digital printing cost of the hoarding is also coming down due to the advances of quicker and better large format digital print machines, coupled with economic pressures.

With all these factors using a construction site hoarding for advertising is very good value for money per 1000 impression rate. Naturally this does depend on the sites location and its passing traffic.

There are many printing method to produce an advertising hoarding and listed below are some budgetary examples to give you idea on the production cost.

How much does The Cost Printed Building Site Hoardings?

Aluminium Composite Hoarding
85M2 of digitally printed hoarding on 3mm aluminium composite: £3495
85M2of digitally printed hoarding on 3mm aluminium composite with anti graffiti film: £4395
Installation £1495
Bottom plinth (if needed) £310: Top and bottom plinth (if needed) £495
PROS: hard-wearing good longevity, if damaged panels can be replaced easily, good anti graffiti system (if opted) good print quality.
CONS: Expensive, joins and screws are visible.

PVC print with aluminium frame Hoarding 
85M2 PVC digitally printed £1495
Aluminium frame system £885
Installation £1295
PROS: Flat seamless print, only a small section of frame can be seen.
CONS: Getting hoarding square is very difficult to achieve flat tensioned print, if vandalised complete print will need to be replaced, no anti-graffiti system.

Self adhesive vinyl printed Hoarding
85M2 Digitally printed vinyl with over laminate in drops of 1300mm wide (like wallpaper)£2595
85M2 Digitally printed vinyl with anti-graffiti film meters in drops of 1300mm wide (like wallpaper)£2895
Installation £2895
PROS: Good anti-graffiti system (if opted) If vandalised panels can be replaced although colour matching can be an issue.
Cons: Can only be applied to hoarding face or a very well gloss painted panel.

Prices are excluding VAT and installation in London area. Assumes standard hoarding structure.

Design costs for advertising hoardings

PPM charges designing by the hour which is £75.00 To giving an exact overall design cost is ‘how long is a piece of string’ situation. Bear in mind with design you pay for time not the end design, as design is so subjective there can never be perfect piece of creative work. To keep the cost down to a minimum we ask for as tight a brief as possible. With hand drawn sketches (does not matter how rudimentary they are!) and photos you may wish to use, will all assist in putting your vision into a visual design. If you are not sure what you want then conceptual design can take many hours.

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