Small Building wrap cost in London

Small building wrap what is the cost? This is a typical and common question.  First, we need to know the size and installation location of the small building wrap. Building wraps can literally be any size. With 1000 meters 2 being the largest size we can produce in one section and will weigh around 400 kilograms. Very large building wraps are done in sections so we would have several 1000M2 panel. But building wraps are not always huge and installed onto prestigious building or strategic locations. And they are also not always for advertising purpose but decorative installations. They enhance the construction site which in turn improves the local area and townscape. Building wraps (they are also called scaffold wrap or façade wraps) can be small just to cover or disguise a section of construction work. Like this wrap we have produced for Ashburton House in Knightsbridge, London.

Small building wrap installed on residential house

This Small building wrap we produced was for a residential property undergoing major renovation and extension work.  The overall size was 10.4 meters high x 10.7 meters wide totalling only 111 meters2. The client wanted to keep his house looking as good as possible whilst keeping his neighbours happy by hiding the unattractive scaffolding.

For budget purposes how we cost building wraps

The wrap is made usually from a PVC mesh material. Mesh is mainly used because its lightweight (around 350 kilograms per meter2). However, on small wraps we can also use a solid PVC material (around 550 kilograms per meter2). It is costed per meter2 which is around £10 to £16. The installation of the mesh wrap is around £6 to £10 per meter2. Site surveys are also required and are around £250 each visit.

Additionally, a sub-frame will need to be installed to hang and wrap the mesh print onto. The sub-frame can be installed by the scaffold contractor and we are happy to work with them ensure the sub-frame is installed to our requirements.

Project Print Management can also hire or sell the subframes and is costed between £65 and £80 per liner meter to hire. The sub-frame will need to be installed around the perimeter of the area to be wrapped. Example cost for this installation is 10.4m + 10.4m + 10.7m + 10.7m = 42.2 liner meter totals £3376.

If we hire the sub-frame, we must remove it and is costs around £10 to £16 per meter 2.

 Artwork can be the CGI the architect has designed.

The artwork does not need to be complex or need professional photographers. It is possible to use the architect’s Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) which would have probably been done for the planning process. We would just modify the image, so it scales correctly, and the perspective is accurate. Our artwork cost is £75 per hour.

Please note VAT (value added tax) is not included in these costs and are for guidance only.

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