Construction Site Hoarding graphic off Kings Road, London

This Construction site hoarding graphic  was the highest hoarding we have produced measuring 8.5 meters high.

Construction site hoarding graphic

With only 1.2 meters space between the main hoarding and the skip hoarding making  the installation a bit of a challenge!

Due to the height and size of the hoarding we wanted the self coloured gloss aluminium composite panels as large as possible a massive 3050 mm x 1500 mm to keep the joins down to a minimum.

Construction site hoarding graphic well designed.

If the hoarding graphics is well designed it makes a huge difference to the roads landscape. This will make the local residence happier and less likely to complain about the construction work going on.

There were two residential buildings under renovation by two separate companies which needed to be evident on the hoarding so people would not get confused that the building site was occupied by one company. With creative designing we made one side of the hoarding plain and the other a digitally printed image of a typical London house.

The advantage with digitally printed hoardings is you can change an unattractive hoarding and blend it into the local area which will appease the community as the hoarding will probably be up for a year or two.

It is possible to reuse the digitally printed hoarding again however due to the very nature of what they are the Dibond / aluminium composite panels do get damaged.

As the area is also a conservation area any advertising needs to be kept under the 3.6 meter restriction. Outside protected areas the advertising can extend to 4.6 meters from the ground to the top of the advertisement.

Before the hoarding graphics were applied.

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