Colourful Storage Walls wraps, Office Cupboard Graphics wrap

Colourful Storage Walls wraps, Office Cupboard Graphics wrap to brighten up working environment, Creative wall wraps

Storage Walls wraps
storage wall graphic
Storage Walls wraps
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Storage Walls wraps
Office storage wall graphics wrap










Many offices often have large storage walls which can be a bit of an eyesore as the door face is made from MDF and a plastic laminate. And after many years of wear and tear they look tiered and out of date. At Project Print Management we can transform your office space simply by vinyl wrapping the storage walls doors or office cupboards doors with a Storage Walls wraps, full colour digital printed vinyl graphic. The colourful graphics will change the working mood and you can get your marketing messages out to your staff.

Storage Walls wraps are vinyl graphics with a difference.

Offices that use storage cupboard can be  covered with a digitally print high-resolution vinyl wrap and then covered with a laminated for addition protection. For the installation of vinyl graphics, the storage wall doors are removed from the main carcass and all the door furniture like locks and hinges are removed. The storage wall door is then cleaned and the digitally print vinyl graphic is ready to be wrapped onto the storage wall door. The installation can be done at night or weekend to ensure we do not upset your normal working routine.

We also offer a range of self colour vinyl graphics ranging from dry wipe and black board for chalk vinyls, and even coloured leather effect!

With all these colourful options we can really transform your storage walls and  working environment literally overnight!

If you want to bright up your offices cost effectively then please call us. We provide design and installation service nationwide.