Vinyl Wrap to Colour Change Your Car

Vinyl Wrap to change the colour effect of your car.

Bored of the same old colour of your car? Then why not have your vehicle vinyl wrap with a self adhesive coloured vinyl. It’s a great way to customise your car or van. There are hundreds of colours in a variety of effects, from matt black or white to carbon fibre, iridescent and pearl effects.

Why not have your vehicle vinyl wrap with a self adhesive coloured graphic.

The vinyl wrap can last upto 5 years, will costs less than a traditional paint respray and we will only need your car for two days! Once you are bored with the vinyl wrap colour it can be stripped off and rewrapped with another wrapping vinyl.

The graphic wrap will not damage your paintwork.

As long as the paint work is sound when removed correctly so your car can be wrapped as many times as like.  There are many benefits to having your car vinyl wrapped like keeping up with modern colours like matt black or carbon fibre effect. The vinyl graphic wrap will also protect your cars original paintwork from scratched and small stone chips thus giving your car a better residual value.

Not all the car has to be wrapped, sections of the car can be wrapped to colour code panels of the car, like just the bonnet and roof to match the chrome plated wheels!

Give us a call today and prices start from just £600 + VAT. We can give you a quote to wrap your car over the phone. All we need is the make of your car, the type of coloured vinyl or effect and how long you want the wrap to last with 1, 3 or 5 years.

Some for finish wraps we hare are

Matt black

Matt white

Carbon fibre black or white effect

Chrome or silver metallic wrap

Pearl or iridescent white

1000 different colour

For more information on vinyl wraps please visit vehicle wrapping page.