Cabin wrap for a portable temporary office in Hackney

Cabin wrap for a portable temporary office in Hackney, London. This temporary office was needed whilst the Funeral Directors office and showroom was being refurbished. Cabin wrap is useful if a portable office is required and needs to be easily identified.

Cabin wrap

Anti-Graffiti Cabin wrap

Due to its location this temporary office became a target for vandals and was graffitied frequently. This is when our anti graffiti cabin wrap becomes essential as we can use an anti-graffiti over laminate. The anti graffiti laminate will not only protect the digital print if vandalised. Any graffiti can be easily wipe off using a solvent based solution like nail varnish remover or graffiti remover.

Aggressive solvent solution which removes graffiti will also damage paintwork even durable powered coating. By having a cabin wrap it will protect the temporary office paint. This would be useful if the office has been hired. As the hirer will need to pay for the damage at the end of the term which could cost more than the cabin wrap itself.

Keeping the Cabin Wrap design simple

Working with the clients advertising company it was decided to keep the design simple.  Any images of their Pallbearers would probably encourage vandals to adding their own art!
When designing for any wrap bear in mind image quality and scale. Poor quality images and incorrect scales can ruin the overall effect.

Manufacture and installation of vinyl wraps

Digitally printed high resolution onto a 5-7 year self adhesive vinyl and laminated. Using an anti-graffiti laminate does come with a trade off as its not designed to be ‘wrapped’. This means heat wrapping in three dimensional areas is not possible. However, on this cabin there is no 3D areas.

Before Cabin Wrap
Cabin wraps

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