How to get scaffolding prepared for Building wrap

The hardest part of the building wrapping is getting the scaffolding ready and safe for the building wrapping to be installed onto.

Building wrapping

Building wrapping

The scaffolding can only be designed and erected by a qualified scaffolding contractor, who if necessary will have access to engineers to calculate important wind loads. These wind load calculations are very important, as if not done winds could pull the scaffold structure down and could be fatal.

Getting the scaffolding designed to accommodate the building wrap at the beginning is very important. Trying to modify the scaffolding structure once it has been erected is expensive and sometimes just not possible.

Building wrapping how to:

For more information on scaffolding contractors please visit NASC  (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation is recognised as the national trade body for access and scaffolding in the UK, producing a wide range of industry guidance for scaffolding contractors, their operatives and their clients. Members of the NASC are strictly regulated to ensure a continuous high standard of scaffolding practice.)

The building wrap needs to be installed onto a picture frame scaffold structure which projects about 300mm further than the last projected pole on the main scaffolding. This will allow the building wrap banner to move back and forth in the wind without fouling on any poles. Projecting scaffold pole should also be capped to cover sharp ends.  If any part of the building wraps banner fouls on anything it will eventually wear though and the banner integrity is then compromised.

Picture frame scaffolding

Scaffolding building wrap

Building wrapping installation

There are two fixing methods standard or invisible. The standard is a picture frame made up of perimeter scaffolding and the building wrap banner sits about 150mm inside the frame and fixed using 12mm bungee cable (shock cord).

The invisible fixing is much more difficult but does look much better. The printed banner must go up and over the picture frame scaffolding so must be completely smooth as the banner will need to slide over it. To get the scaffolding smooth allen key clamp couplers/joins must be used.

Smooth Scaffold couplers

The printed building wrap can also go around corners but once again the scaffold picture frame must be completely smooth to allow banner to wrap around.

Once the scaffolding picture frame has been installed it will need to be surveyed so a template can be drawn and given to the designers to drop the building wrap design onto. Getting these measurements accurate is imperative. To small the bungee will be long and banner will move around too much and to large the banner will not tension and will have creases in it.

Template of the scaffolding

Designers artwork dropped onto template

For more information on building wrap or on how to get the scaffold structure prepared for a building wrap please contact us. For our latest print project please visit our blog page.