Fulham Palace phase 2 Building Wrap Print

Building wrap print is a photograph or illustration digitally printed onto a mesh PVC material. Also know as scaffold shroud advertisement or Scaffold wrap, although this wrap does not have any advertising on. This Building wrap print is the second one we have done for the Fulham Palace in Fulham, London.

Building wrap print

Building wrap Print is 1.1 scale of the existing building.

As the palace is used for weddings, parties and corporate events, keeping the building attractive for what it is intended is almost impossible whilst necessary renovation and restoration work is taking place. The print is a 1.1 scale of the existing building.  The decorative building wrap print hides the unattractive scaffolding and workers mitigating the visual impact of the construction work taking place.

Decorative building wrap is used a lot in Europe especially in major heritage sites. Due to the buildings age they are constantly having to be renovated and under scaffolding. The advertising revenue contributes to the refurbishment and building print cost.

It seems in the UK the local planning authority still takes a dim view of adding some advertising on the decorative building print which makes the wraps less viable.  

Martin Goodall Planning Law Blog writes an interesting article on this very subject. See link below:

The art in making the building wrap print look right

Getting the design right is by far the hardest element of the project. Making sure the scale, colour and perspectives look right when the wrap is up. Taking a photo and just printing it will not get the desired effect. The colour and scale are by far the most important issue but also once the print is wrapped onto a frame looks correct from all angles. A good example is anything that is supposed to project out like a flag pole or lights. They look fine head on at 90 degrees, however if you look at it from the side so 45 degrees it just looks strange and difficult to see what it is. Its not about what is mathematically right but what looks right once the wrap has been installed. Remembering once the Building wrap print is up you can’t see what is behind it.

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Before Building wrap print
Building wrap print