Building Wrap London are getting more popular as they enhance the townscape

Building Wrap in London are getting more popular with the elite and high-end developers as they try and sell their apartments or houses before they are completed.  Clients often find it hard to visualise the building finished whilst it is under renovation or under scaffolding. Selling the properties early will help the developers cash flow and reassure their investors.

Building Wrap London


Selling the development early could pay for the scaffold wrap

Building wrap London are not cheap and we need to work with the scaffold contractor to ensure the scaffold can accommodate the building wrap. The wind loads need to be calculated by a qualified engineer. With our special trained rope-access team large scaffold wraps can be installing in a couple of days.

Building wrap London and all over the United Kingdom.

Most of our building wraps are in London however we do cover the whole of the UK.

This building wrap at Argyll House was photographed using a high-resolution Sony Digital Camera and digitally printed onto a mesh PVC. We worked with the scaffold contractor who installed the required scaffolding subframe needed to wrap the mesh print encapsulating the whole building.

Building Wrap London

About Argyll House, Kings Road, London.

Built in 1723 by Giacomo Leoni, the Venetian architect.
Argyll House was the centre of London society in the early 20th century when it was owned by society hostess Lady Sybil Colefax. Her parties here were renowned and these doors saw Fred Astaire, George Gershwin, Hilair Belloc, Virginia Woolf and Winston Churchill. Argyll House is where Wallis Simpson met Edward, Duke of Windsor (then the Prince of Wales). Wallis Simpson was an American socialite and became the mistress of Edward who then abdicated the British throne in 1936 to marry her in June 1937.

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