Building wrap bungee changeover

Building wrap bungee changeover is needed if the building wrap or scaffold wrap is up longer than two to three years.

Building wrap bungee changeover

Project Print Management installed the Everton FC Stadium wrap back in 2016 and has now gone through its second bungee change.

As you can see from the photos the print had lasted well thanks to using high quality inks and mesh material. We would normally suggest the prints longevity would be around five years depending its orientation to the sun. As with anything, if you want it to last you need to pay a premium. Everton FC knew this stadium wrap would be up for many years whilst they waited for their new state of the art stadium was being built.

What cord do we use for a Building wrap bungee changeover?

Bungee cord also can be called shock cord is a type of rope, which comprises of an elasticated rubber core and a braided outer sheath.

The core can be made from either one of synthetic or natural rubber. Several strands of the rubber are bundled together, then enclosed by a flexible sheath, normally constructed from either nylon, cotton or polypropylene.

As the cord is elongated, the interior core of elasticated fibres lengthens and builds tension, whilst the braided exterior tightens around the core. This allows it to be used for a wide range of banner and building wrap installations.

Building wrap

The bungee cord we use UV resistance, and waterproof

The bungee cord we use UV resistance, and waterproof so neither the rubber core nor the sheath will be damaged by the sun and water. As a result, they retain good functionality whilst in wet or dry climates and are suitable for prolonged outdoor use.

The bungee is capable of 100% elongation, so they can stretch to double their original length which offers great shock resistance. Perfect for installing building wrap and banners.  Note we never extend the cord to it full capacity.

That said the rubber does degrade over time especially if it’s under a lot of tension which is why we recommend Building wrap bungee change over.

For more information on Building wrap bungee changeover please contact us or visit our blog page for our latest print projects.

Scaffold wrap bungee changeover Building wrap bungee changeover