Building Wrap Banner in London Covers Construction Site

Building Wrap Banner Covers Construction Site for marketing development. Nu Builds the Fulham and Chelsea basement and refurbishment specialised called in Project Print Management as they wanted their building sites to look more presentable for the local residence as they work in one of the most prestigious parts in London.

Building wrap banner

PPM produced a building wrap, digitally printed on mesh PVC which is tensioned onto the existing scaffolding structure. We worked closely with the scaffolding contractor as the scaffolding needs to be constructed specifically to accommodate the printed building wrap. It is important to remember that any building wrap or banners installed onto the scaffolding will have additional wind loads. The scaffold contractor will have to ensure the load calculations have included the wrap.

Building Wrap Banner Covers Construction Site

The mesh building wrap server’s two purposes. One to hide the unattractive building site and it also keeps the dust down during the refurbishment work. But it is also a great marketing tool and effective outdoor advertising medium. Outdoor advertising does have some restrictions especially in conservation areas, which alot of London is. Any advertising above 480 cm (4.8 meters) or in conservation area 360 cm (3.6 meters) from ground level needs advertising consent from the local planning authority. Please note this does take about six to eight weeks.

Advertising on your own building project is by far one of the best ways to get your brand name out in your local target market area. Advertising on building wraps costs less than you think and prices start from £1600 + VAT which includes 2 hours artwork the digitally printed mesh banner and installation in west of London.

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Building wrap banner

When it comes to prominent outdoor advertising, building and scaffolding wrap appear to be one of the best options. This trend is gaining grounds in the UK. It has been observed that construction sites provide with the facility of advertising their logos of brands and different messages related to marketing. If you want your advertisement not to be missed by passing traffic, scaffolding wrap banners will be the best choice to make, as using a scaffolding wrap banner, you may readily add huge visual promotions on the outer side of the building. This method would be the most suitable if you are looking for the promotion of an upcoming event or looking for the publicity of your logo.

If we consider the durability and the resistance of building wrap banner against the weather, you will find it matchless. If eco-friendly and waterproof materials are utilized, building wrap banner can easily withstand the harshest weather.

Not only for the construction sites but building wrap banners can also be used at other places. These places may involve airports and train stations, superstores, hotels, and trade shows.

If you are looking for the services of the building wrap banners, Project Print Management is a digital large format printing company that can serve your cause the best. PPM is specialised for the outdoor building wrap banners. We provide you with the best colour scheme that will be having an alluring effect for the people. We also offer our services for support and advice regarding any printing project. Our services can be availed in all over the UK. Either your demand is big or small, our team would serve you the best in all related aspects.