Building site hoarding useful advertsing space

Building site hoardings  – What you need to know

Building site hoardings

If construction works are being carried out, you will need to install a hoarding at least 2.4m high which must be sturdy, dependable building site hoardings that protect your project and prevent accidents. Whether this is your first renovation project or your hundredth, ensuring that you install the best hoardings for your job is an often overlooked but pivotal part of the process.

What are building site hoardings?

Construction hoarding is also referred to as temporary fencing, and as the name suggests it is a series of free standing fencing that is erected around the sides of a building site, archaeological dig, or similar construction project. Often maBuilding site hoardingsde of plywood sheets or chain link fence, they can also be a useful marketing or advertising opportunity which is where Project Print Management comes in.

Why are hoardings necessary?

  • Theft – For some criminals, an unattended and unguarded construction site beckons like a siren song. After all, sites can be filled with expensive tools, equipment and materials that can fetch a high price when resold. There are entire rackets dedicated to stealing your costly equipment, and the Home Office estimates that this costs the industry £400m a year. Sturdy, tall fencing can keep them out – and away from your tools.
  • Vandalism – Some criminals care less about stealing your belongings and more about stealing your time and money. Graffiti and vandalism are common problems at building sites, and keeping these vandals out of your site is a lot easier with the right hoardings.
  • Arson – Every contractor’s worst nightmare – arson. An arsonist torching your site might be rare, but if it does happen you will find all of your hard work and money has literally gone up in smoke. Hoarding can be exactly the preventative measure you need in order to keep these firebugs off of your valuable property.

What should you look for when selecting building site hoardings?

When you are on the hunt for business site hoarding that will perfect for your site, you need to consider a few different attributes that all good fencing should have.

  • Durable – Despite the fact that it is technically ‘temporary,’ your hoarding should be able to withstand inclement weather (including wind storms) and be fire resistant.
  • Enable privacy – Whether you are drilling down into an archaeological site, creating an elaborate surprise for the community or doing some dirty work in the sewers, hoarding can give you the privacy your company needs to get the job done well.
  • Flexible – Your hoarding needs might change as your project unfolds; you may need to increase or decrease your perimeter or change the dimensions of the entire fenced area. Good hoarding can change and grow easily with your project.
  • Attractive – Of course, as a contractor whose name is attached to the project, you want your hoardings to look neat, tidy and attractive. You can even consider custom printing and design to promote your company and the project you are working on.

Choose a reliable supplier

If you are looking for specialists in attractive, sturdy and flexible hoarding, look no further than the hard working team at Project Print Management. They can ensure that your site looks great, is kept safe from intruders and stays as private as you want it to be. As printing specialists, no request is too complex – your hoardings will look as great as they function.