Building Projection Using Building and Wall Wrap Vinyls.

Building Projection Using Building and Wall Wrap Vinyls.

The London’s Millbank Tower was turned into a giant video building  in order to celebrate the launch of  a mobile phone. Using massive 3D projectors, the phone manufacturer  produced a spectacular light show with deadmau5 performing in front of the 400 foot Tower.

For the projectors to work effectively reflecting the video mapping animation on the building, the Millbank Tower was wrapped in a special window and wall vinyl which was applied by hand using the buildings window cradles. The window vinyl and wall wrap vinyl has a matt finish and can be easily removed once the project has been finished.

Building Projection when used well can be a very effective advertising tool.

With the constant development of self adhesive vinyl projecting onto walls, buildings or even monuments can be made possible.  Project Print Management has teamed up with a specialist 3d mapping light projecting company who are able to project images even onto mountains!

The visual effect of building projection is an amazing and innovative way to catch the public’s attention and create a huge video screen which just cannot be unnoticed!

Building projection

Projection Is Different from Other Forms of Outdoor Media

We live in an age where media overwhelmingly influences our lifestyles. However, we need many more improvements to bring the noise to its lowest level and to gain the attention of our audience. In this regard, building projection plays an important role, which takes you back to the strong visuals that are worth watching and examining. It has been found that people who adopt building projection to illustrate their plans remain more successful in gaining the attention of the audience.

There is something different in between building projection and other forms of outdoor media. Usually, images and animations are projected onto the surface of the building in outdoor building projection. There remains a prerequisite, which is a pre-production procedure in which graphics are set onto a 3D model of the building. This thing benefits a lot because, using this technique, we can project graphics onto the original building, which “wrap” over the tangible and physical features of that specific building. Having done this process, it looks like the part of that building.

The difference in the techniques of the project for broadcasting and building projection comes up when the animation you see on your monitor will be 100,000 times larger on the projected surface.

Let’s consider an example:

  • As an average, our desktop monitor screen can measure 60cm x 40cm, which is 0.24m2
  • The projection of Alfa bank was on a building whose surface was 25,500m2
  • It was 106,250 times bigger and larger than on my monitor size
  • It was also 364,285 times larger than the display on our laptop

Cost of Building Projection in Events

Most of the event technology consumes enormous budgets, but now there is no need to spend huge money. During the event, one of the most frequent questions is asked about cost using building projections. Actually, it depends on your requirement. If you are short in the budget, you can get the logo printed and different colors on the small venue. Furthermore, you can also use PowerPoint to show the specific slides onto the selected plain surface. Hand in hand, 3D projection, explicitly incorporating videos, would accelerate the cost to the maximum. If feedbacks are there in the videos, it will be a hefty budget.

The selection of building projection in your event would amazingly cut off the cost because of no more need of physical props and decoration. Building projection dramatically cut off the price of transportation, setup, and other administrative matters, which ultimately give benefit to you.

Most Common Applications

It is also one of the emerging trends adopted in today’s movies. Not only in the film industry, but this technique has also gained substantial grounds in the fields of construction, architectural work, and designing of interiors. This 3D projection technique has enabled man to visualize the thing which is not even existed yet. The real estate buyers also use this technique to see the practical models of their plans. Building projection is also used by many other areas, for example, Events, Concert, festivals and so forth.

What Is Next for this technology? 

In order to reduce the cost, businessmen are reaching outbuilding projection companies to help them in the different operations which are due to perform. Moving towards something better, businessmen now prefer building projection for marketing, training, and advertising whenever it comes to launch any product, event, or exhibition. In a well-known venture in New York, a building projection expert changed a generally whitewashed austere side of a building into a six-floor canvas to portray a tremendous video of a moving monkey by utilizing only a compact generator and a projector tied to the top of his vehicle.

Keeping in view the pace of building projection, interactivity is a possible next step. An individual would control anticipated projected illustrations in the surrounding of an installation by moving toward them or contacting them. This experience would be like virtual reality but without wearing an earpiece.

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