Building Projection Using Building and Wall Wrap Vinyls.

Building Projection Using Building and Wall Wrap Vinyls.

The London’s Millbank Tower was turned into a giant video building  in order to celebrate the launch of  a mobile phone. Using massive 3D projectors, the phone manufacture  produced a spectacular light show with deadmau5 performing in front of the 400 foot Tower.

For the projectors to work effectively reflecting the video mapping animation on the building, the Millbank Tower was wrapped in a special window and wall vinyl which was applied by hand using the buildings window cradles. The window vinyl and wall wrap vinyl has a matt finish and can be easily removed once the project has been finished.

Building Projection when used well can be a very effective advertising tool.

With the constant development of self adhesive vinyl projecting onto walls, buildings or even monuments can be made possible.  Project Print Management has teamed up with a specialist 3d mapping light projecting company who are able to project images even onto mountains!

The visual effect of building projection is an amazing and innovative way to catch the public’s attention and create a huge video screen which just cannot be unnoticed!

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