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Where large format print projects comes to life.  

Here we showcase some of our latest work demonstrating our ability to design, print and install some of the most audacious print projects.

No job is too big, literally. However, not every project is going to be as exciting as wrapping a football stadium or a trompe l’oeil building wrap on Somerset House. Although Building wraps and advertising hoardings is an area we specialise in, we also can supply a whole range of large format digital print. Ranging from fleet vehicle wrapping and window graphics to exhibition displays and point of sale.

Specialising in super wide format print we can print onto almost any material. From PVC and mesh to canvas and cardboard.

Here at Project Print Management we have no in-house print production which gives us the freedom to ensure your print requirements are fully satisfied.

Large Format Digital Print Projects

New inks and latest print media are the outcome of progress in the field of digital printing.  All these newly introducing things have groundbreaking impact on lives of people

New Trends in Large-Format Digital Printing

Here we have 4 important large-format digital printing trends:

1- It has been seen a huge emerging demand of fabric based signage and nonwoven wall graphics. Extended flexibility and lightweight of soft signage is the cause of its popularity among the people. Fabric based printing media can be utilized for illuminated signage, home/office stylistic layout, tradeshow designs, banners, showy presentations, flags, table window hangings, and custom upholstery. For wall murals and pattern designer’s fabric based media printing is getting popular promptly.  

2- Digital printing media in combination with LED technology are gaining huge popularity among the masses. These are less in price, brighter and have better ability to stand with advertisements.

3- As per a research conducted by Info Trends titled “Looking for BIG Opportunity in Graphic Communications and Specialty Printing” in December 2017, 61% of PSP’s clients needed their Large Format digital prints turned-around in under 24 hours. This implies that PSP’s must be able to have not only the fast printers but also the printers providing you with the first-time-right quality of the print.

4- Despite having a huge comfort and automation offered by PSP, many printers have to get the hands of others to help them. It remains the responsibility of the workers to check the print quality out of the printing nozzle, if there is any issue in the printing it would hugely increase the cost as it causes the loss of hundreds of meters of digitally printed media, revise, and extended time to client satisfaction.  In the latest printers, an excellent head monitoring and newer technologies have been introduced. All these technologies have been included to make the quality of printing better, and the print quality is kept same throughout the printing. That is why, these kind of latest printers can work without the presence of key operators, enabling them to go about their work-day.

PPM large format digital printers are an extraordinary approach to go into the large format displaying illustrations printing business, for taking advantage of new markets and different profits streams, and recovering redistributed work. In case of our large format digital printing, size is not only the point of concern. We use modern printers in departments where large format is required. There remains a use of completely eco-friendly and odorless material in printing of flexes and banners, especially when they deal with indoor activities like exhibitions.

On the off chance that you need assistance deciding whether large format digital printing arrangement is the correct change for your business, or need direction in choosing a printer or dissecting the genuine expenses of a printing scheme and the manners in which it will have effect on your ROI, it would be ideal if you have a touch with us as soon as possible.