Billboard Hoarding for Smallbone luxury Kitchens in London

This Billboard hoarding is the second we have produced for the luxury kitchen manufacture Smallbone on the Brompton Road, London. The first one we produced for them in 2016 was a billboard banner tensioned onto a scaffolding sub-frame using bungee cord. This method of billboard is quick and easy to install and can be bolted onto an existing scaffold structure. The sub-frame needs to be about 200mm proud of the main scaffolding structure to allow the banner to move during high winds. The overall structure must be at least 450mm from the kerb edge. This is to ensure the structure does not get hit by moving vehicles. 

The photo below is the project we did in 2016. The other photo is of the billboard we did for Smallbone in September 2018. 

Billboard banner

The second billboard hoarding we produce for them.

The second billboard hoarding we produce for them this summer was an urgent one! Smallbone’s landlord had forgotten to inform them that scaffolding was being installed. The scaffolding covered the whole of their showroom again due to additional refurbishment work needed to the building. To add to the problem Smallbone were about the launch their summer sale. When surveying the site we noticed the hoarding covering the scaffolding was too close to the kerbside for a billboard banner. The client had no choice but to opt for an aluminium billboard hoarding. We digitally printed high resolution directly onto the 3mm thick aluminium composite panel and over-laminate with an anti-graffiti film which gives the print additional protection.  The whole job from survey to installation took just four days demonstrating how quickly we can produce digitally printed hoardings and billboards.

Billboard Hoarding

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