Large Building Wrap Banners on Scaffolding at Somerset House

Large banner Wrap on Scaffolding at Somerset House.

Banner wrap
Hiding scaffolding with building wraps

Somerset House is a major arts and cultural centre in the heart of London and during the summer months shows cult and contemporary films outside in its open-air courtyard.

Due to the building’s age Somerset House is under constant repair and requires unattractive scaffolding with workers in high visibility vests.

Project Print Management was asked to come up with a solution to hide the scaffolding and the construction workforce. We came up with a banner wrap solution and supplied them with a large solid PVC banner with digital prints replicating the chimneys.

Taking photos of the chimneys was a bit of a challenge as we had to gain access to the roof on the opposite side of Somerset House. We also had to artwork the scaffolding structure out of the photograph as the scaffolding had already been installed.

When producing the artwork for this type of project we must take photos head on. Otherwise the photo will have a perspective and once printed and installed in position you would effectively see the perspective twice so it would look strange.

Banner wrap
Mesh building wrap to cover scaffolding

Installing a large banner wrap made from solid PVC  onto a scaffolding structure at this height is not ideal as the wind-loading on the building wrap banner will increase greatly. However, it would be necessary since, if printed onto a mesh PVC when the sun drops behind the banner, the banner will become transparent and you  would also see the workforce behind the mesh banner.

This job was a bit of a rush as Somerset House management did not appreciate how obtrusive the scaffolding is. PPM managed to survey the site, take the photography, artwork the image to the correct scale and remove the scaffolding, digitally print and deliver to site in just 7 days.

For more information on how to hide obtrusive scaffolding or for large building wraps please call us. Or for our latest work please visit our blog page.

Building wrap banner
Building wrap banner