Banner scaffold advertising for Harvey Nichols

Banner scaffold advertising

Harvey Nichols have used the opportunity to use Banner scaffold advertising whilst their Bristol, store was under construction.

The store had hoped to gain planning permission for a much larger building wrap advertisement however was refused planning by the council. In the end they had to settle for three smaller Banner scaffold advertising. Banner scaffold advertising is more likely to be granted planning permission for advertising than whole building wrap advertisements.

Banner scaffold advertising materials and sub-frame

We can make these advertisements out of solid PVC, mesh PVC or even a backlit PVC, although the backlit option is very difficult to get through planning.

Project Print Management was contracted by the scaffold contractor Lyndon SGB. Due to the limited timescale needed to complete the project our surveyor visited the site and agreed the final size, and design of the scaffold picture-frame with Lyndon management. This allowed the PVC banners to be in production before the picture-frames were complete. This is not the ideal method as the frames can change size due to limitations or issues with the main scaffold structure.

Our rope access team then installed the Banner scaffold advertising three days later. The banners are fixing using a bungee core laced around the picture frame. The whole project from start to finish was just 8 days.

Banner scaffolding advertising

Eclipse Tower the 14-storey luxury apartment block

Eclipse Tower the 14-storey luxury apartment block above the Harvey Nichols store was having its cladding removed. The cladding was like the cladding used on the Grenfell Tower which has same combination of materials as the London building where an inferno killed 72 people in June 2017. 

Always discuss with your local planning authority first

If you are considering installing any advertising on a scaffold structure always discuss it with your local planning authority first. As they do not encourage this type of advertising medium.

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