Taking Advantage of Building Site Hoardings for Advertising.

Hoardings for Advertising taking Advantage of Building Site Hoardings for Advertising.

The Geoghegan Group have taken advantage of their hoarding whilst they are building a new rehabilitation home in Guildford, Surrey. The road in front of the building site is a main road into Guildford with heavy passing traffic which makes this site ideal for put up an advertising hoarding.

Taking Advantage of Building Site Hoardings for Advertising.

The hoarding will be up for 18 month and covers an area of 218m2 which is the equivalent of 12 standard 48 sheet billboards. The overall cost of the hoarding was around £11,000 so will cost £611 per month of prime advertising space. The cost of just one 48 sheet billboard poster in a prime location will cost more than this, naturally dependant on how prime the location is.

There are limitations to how you can use the building site hoarding as advertising space, and falls under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007 which has been in force since 6 April 2007. The Class 8 wording of the advertising control are:

Taking Advantage of Building Site Hoardings for Advertising.

Hoardings for Advertising Class 8.

Class 8: Permits the display, for three years only, of poster-hoardings which are being used to screen building or construction sites while the work is being carried out on site. The purpose of this consent is to bring about some environmental benefit on building sites, by enabling screening (and perhaps also temporary landscaping) of the site to take place, thus providing the advertisers with some financial incentive for this purpose. But the benefit of Class 8 is not available in any National Park, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Area, the Broads, or Area of Special Control of Advertisements.

Outside those designated and defined areas, this consent is limited to land being developed for commercial, industrial or business use, and is not available for any residential development.

Advertisements permitted by Class 8 must not:

*be displayed more than three months before the date on which the building or construction works actually start;

  • be more than 38 square metres in area
  • be more than 4.6 metres above ground level
  • be displayed for more than three years.

Additionally, the advertiser must send written notification to the planning authority of his intention to display such an advertisement at least 14 days before the display starts, and provide a copy of the detailed planning permission for the site.

These advertisements may be illuminated in a manner reasonably required to fulfil the purpose of the advertisement.

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