Self Adhesive Wall Wrap Vinyl for Bricks & Concrete

Wall wrap vinyl is a new self adhesive vinyl which can be stuck directly to bricks, concrete or plastered walls. 

wall wrap vinyl
Self Adhesive vinyl wall wrap graphics

The wall wrap vinyl system can be used for internal or external application and with an additional clear laminate can have an outdoor life of up to 5 years. Internal application can be considerably longer.

The innovative self adhesive vinyl can be digitally printed on a number of large format machines either using solvent or UV digitally printers.

Wall Wrap vinyl is very effective advertising medium.

The applications for wall wrap vinyls are endless and can be used on smooth or rough concrete or new and old bricks as longs as they are not crumbling!   This printed  system can be used as an advertisement, promotional branding or to just to brighten up the area with colourful messages.

There are many vinyl manufactures offering the wall wrap vinyl system. 3M and Hexis wall wrapping systems do seem to work the best.

PPM offer the wall wrapping system for clients wanting a unique advertising medium.

Vinyl wall wrap graphics
Vinyl wall wrap graphics