10 years of building wraps and Large Format Print Projects

10 years of building wraps

PPM celebrates 10 years of building wraps

Project Print Management celebrates its 10 years anniversary of Large Format Print Projects and 10 years of building wraps. During the past ten years, PPM has built a tradition of excellence in providing its customers with some of the most unusual print work, ranging from printed protection screens in glass lifts 30 meters high, to vinyl wrappings market stall doors for the council. This milestone for Project Print Management on its mission to provide innovative solutions to some of the most challenging print projects. The company reaches its 10-year anniversary with unwavering support of dedicated business partners and loyal clients.

About Project Print Management:

A Building wrap specialist, offer practical and deliverable solutions for the more challenging large format print project with Justin Murray the senior consultant having over 25 years of experience delivering some of the most audacious print work, demonstrates that they are leaders in large print digital printing. PPM has grown from a small niche business with a vision to provide high standard of performance and deliverable solutions for large format print. Comprising of talented building wrap consultants, specialists, and suppliers of printed hoarding. PPM work on large print formats which include: building wraps, Marketing hoardings and billboard, van wraps, printed film & theatre backdrop, retail displays including point of sale and digital signage.

Over the past decade, the company has provided full-service business offering, surveys, creative design, print and installation, while collaborating with only the best and experienced business partners who know how to deliver. The company has experienced exceptional growth and development to become leaders in trompe l’oeil printing. Part of PPM’s strength lies in their ability to use contacts in the creative space and push the boundaries of what they can do with print either on its own or as part of wider project.

PPM is a full-service business

PPM is a full-service business offering surveys, creative design, print and installation. Their high success rate is because they collaborate with only the best and experienced industry professionals who know how to deliver. PPM provides the missing link between design and advertising agency to print manufacturing, offering a one-point solution for the more complexed projects. When it comes to implementing the creative ideas which inspire the ultimate client, It’s often more difficult than it seems to “make it happen” which is where PPM comes in. Responding on PPM’s ten years in business, Elizabeth Tucker offered: “Our Company contacted PPM regarding help with an exhibition stand for the Grand Design show in London. We were pretty clueless and did not really know what we needed and how to design the stand. PPM came out with a great solution and design. The print was delivered fast and in great quality”

PPM also have a proven track record in providing high quality advertising hoarding for a broad range of customers. Their hoardings and printing wraps serve two main purposes- to conceal unsightly scaffolding/construction sites and protect the public from potential hazards associated with on-going construction work. Aside from health and safety, the hoardings also provide an opportunity for developers to showcase their projects and reach an untargeted audience. This innovative method of street advertising is fast being a valuable marketing medium for developers throughout the UK as it’s essentially an uncomplicated way of reaching thousands of potential customers each day.

10 years of building wraps and still going strong.

PPM ensures that customers’ projects are delivered on time and budget.  Its main objective is customers 100% satisfaction with both their product and the level of service. They endeavour to not only meet but exceed customers’ expectations. PPM operates an open book policy. All the cost is transparent to the clients. Project Print Management’s reputation and works speaks for itself. Some recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company include:

PPM has developed solid digital strategies in the age of the pandemic. Impact of the global pandemic has been significant in terms of how PPM execute projects and maintains productivity goals while working remotely to be competitive, which will continue in a post-pandemic world. During the pandemic, all their projects have required extraordinary management, visibility and collaboration to achieve excellent productivity. PPM has learned to be malleable, agile, stay on project timelines and execution.

The company’s Senior Consultant, Justin Murray, an accomplished professional with progressive experience leading overall sales, business development, and customer service functions to improve revenue growth within a challenging business environment remarked:

“We have many years’ experience in manufacturing and project management of print, with a can-do attitude of making it happen. We provide innovative solutions to some of the most challenging print projects”.

As PPM celebrates 10 years of building wraps , it looks forward to many years of unprecedented achievements, and years of accomplishments.

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