Advertising Banner Frame System for Construction Site Hoarding


Banner flex face system for Hoardings
Banner flex face system for Hoardings

Using PVC banners on building site hoardings can be challenging. Whilst the cost is favourable compared with printed aluminium composite panels the overall finish does not look as good.

The main issue is the hoarding is never straight or parallel to tension the PVC banner onto. This leaves the PVC to ripple and twist making the banner unsightly and unprofessional.

A common mistake is thinking the hoarding is perfectly straight when first installed. Of course over time the wooden panels weather filling up with water and expanding buckling the whole hoarding.

Good practise is to put a 10 mm gap in between each wooden panel which will typically be 18 mm plywood or OSB board. This will allow the boards to expand and contract without bucking the hoarding structure.

You can see the rippling and twisting of the banner from of the photos of an installation we did in Putney, London over Christmas.

We made the client aware of these issues but were happy to proceed as they felt this was the best solution for them.

We installed the aluminium frame system to the site hoarding and then tensioned the digitally printed PVC flexface banner into the frame using a snap in tension profile which allows us to tension the flexface banner by approximately 20 mm.


Flex Face banners for building site
Flex Face banners for building site
Frame banner system
large PVC banners on building sites

The banner frame system can be worked around door frames and tight areas due to the small channel profile.

Over all we were a little disappointed with the results as we spent much time trying to get the ripples out of the banner, but unfortunately the hording structure was so buckled due to the wettest winter in 250 year making it impossible to get the twists out.